Academy Of Leeds Certification for Professionals
If you wish to enhance your employment opportunities globally and work at some of the world's renowned multinational companies, then
Academy Of Leeds Certification is for you!
Up to date more than 20,000 professionals, coming from various career paths worldwide have earned their jobs through
Academy Of Leeds. Being our certified professional, we will redraft your resume and forward your profile to 100's of recruiters including top multinational worldwide. We provide certifications in various categories, namely


  • If you are you a Business Professional and looking to maximize your career opportunities, just click above and get started!

  • Enhance your career opportunities as an Engineering Professional by getting Leeds Academy Certification

  • If you wish to enhance your employment opportunities globally and teach at some of the world's renowned academic institutes, then Academy Leeds Academy Teacher Certification is for you!

  • Get eligible to work in the global legal firms and expand your career opportunities with Academy Leeds Academy Legal Professionals Certification.

  • Expand the boundaries of your professional career and get yourself recognized globally by the IT firms around the world by getting Academy Leeds Academy IT Professionals Certification.

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• The encouragement of a questioning spirit.
• An extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
• Quality and depth of provision across all subjects.
• The close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and
• Strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups.


We can co-operate with other organizations around the world with the purpose of spreading culture and knowledge.

The Academy plays an important role in all countries of the world, particularly the third world countries.