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Academy Of Leeds for Educational Consultants
Our accredited consultant program helps educational consultants benefit from an ever expanding network of more than 1 million students and thousands of institutes, faculty members and educationists worldwide.
Educational consultants play a very important role in helping students pursue education . However, with increased competition and choices available to students today, they face difficulty in choosing the right consultant for their needs. Academy Of Leeds by granting accreditation to educational consultants assures students they have selected the right agent to match their unique requirement. Academy Of Leeds only grants accreditation to those educational consultants that surpass Academy Of Leeds stringent accreditation criteria. Once accredited by Academy Of Leeds, educational consultants profile is enhanced to an international level, allowing them to gain trust of education providers, students and parents. Additionally, being accredited our consultants get exclusive access to our world's largest network of students, institutes and educationists worldwide


Key to the Future in the Field of Training

Increase in Perceived Value of your Consultancy
As per a recent survey "Factors affecting student choices for Vocational Education" by Dabson Research Group, it has come to light that 89% students worldwide prefer educational consultants that are evaluated and endorsed by a third-party. Through an unyielding belief in quality of service and deep commitment to the consultancy services provided, getting accredited by Academy Of Leeds increases your perceived value amongst your existing and new potential customers. It also greatly the trust of students in your consultancy services both regionally and internationally.


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• The encouragement of a questioning spirit.
• An extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
• Quality and depth of provision across all subjects.
• The close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and
• Strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups.


We can co-operate with other organizations around the world with the purpose of spreading culture and knowledge.

The Academy plays an important role in all countries of the world, particularly the third world countries.