who are we ?

We Leeds Academy, and the meaning of Leeds (in English: Leeds) is a British city located in the province of West Yorkshire on aer River in the north of England, away from the city of York is about 40 km. It is the largest city in the province after Sheffield Yorkshire. Form today commercially and cultural center in central England area. An Academy that is internationally accredited and acknowledged at most of the official and non-official organizations. And we have no relationship with the University of Leeds, UK

Leeds academy disciplines in the education and training of all kinds through education systems: distance education. Equivalent practical experience and research.
We are keen that the certificate issued to us does not contain any reference to the fact that the student or researcher or trainee has obtained the certificate remotely or through equivalent experience, which gives the student and trainee our credibility is higher among employers that apply to them.


Our goal


Is the development of scholars and researchers, staff, alumni, and the business through the development of knowledge and business skills to meet the requirements of life and the challenges of functional variable in a global society, it also comes on top of our goals institutional development in all countries of the world which makes us fully keenness to cooperate with organizations and institutions that target the human element development training centers and educational institutions all over the world.


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• The encouragement of a questioning spirit.
• An extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
• Quality and depth of provision across all subjects.
• The close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and
• Strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups.


We can co-operate with other organizations around the world with the purpose of spreading culture and knowledge.

The Academy plays an important role in all countries of the world, particularly the third world countries.